Eu4 attrition cheat

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Eu4 attrition cheat

Type the name of a console command into the search box to instantly search EU4 commands. Hover over a cheat code to view detailed argument explanation. Click on the name of a command to visit its command page for more help and examples. If those hotkeys aren't working for you, or need more help with using the console, see our console guide. See argument information for the game IDs This command changes the age of the heir of your current country.

How to Use Religion Cheats in EU4

If you specify a country tag, the age of the heir of that country will be changed. This command makes the province with the specified ID become a backer in support of the current issue that is running in parliament. This command adds the specified amount to the specified province's base unrest. Specify a negative amount to remove base unrest.

eu4 attrition cheat

This command adds one cardinal to your current nation provided it is catholic. This command adds the specified Casus Belli against the country with the specified tag. Specify a second country tag to send the Casus Belli from that country, rather than from the country you are currently playing as. This command claims the province with the specified ID for either your current country, or the country with the specified country tag if you specify a country tag.

This command adds a colonist to the country with the specified country tag.

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This cheat adds a consort to your current country. If you specify a country tag, the consort will be added to that country. If you specify a second country tag, the consort will be of that nationality.

This command makes the province with the specified ID a core of the country it belongs to. This command adds the specified amount of devastation to the specified province. This command adds a diplomatic enroute to the country with the specified tag. This command adds the faction with the specified name to the country you are currently playing as.A big part of Europa Universalis IV is the religion game mechanic. There are over 50 religions in the game, thankfully there are many console commands that you can use to change and modify the religions of countries, states and provinces easily.

This guide shows you how to:. This guide assumes you know how to open and use the console in EU4, if you need help opening or using the console, see this page. Here are some links to pages that might come in handy when reading this guide:. To change the religion of a province, you must use the change religion command. This command's syntax is as follows:. A province ID is simply a unique number that's assigned to each province in the game, Stockholm's is 1, Berlin's is 50, etc.

To find out the ID of a particular province, search our province ID list. The [Religion ID] field needs to be replaced with the ID of the religion you wish to change the province to.

Guessable or not, you can find all religion codes on our religion code list. Say you wanted to change the religion of London to Jewish. London has a province ID of '', and Judaism has a religion code of 'jewish', the command would look like this:.

In Europa Universalis IV, there is no simple way to change the religion of a state. However, it is possible to do quickly with cheats by starting a religious rebellion. You can do that with the change religion commandwhich is explained above change province religion. Find the IDs of provinces on our province ID list.

Changing the religion of a country is easy with cheats. Here's the syntax:. You'll need to replace [Country Tag] with the country tag of the country you wish to change the religion of. If you aren't sure what a country's country tag is - see our country tag listwhich has a neat search feature. If you wanted to change the religion of Wales country tag 'WLS' to Iconoclast religion code 'iconoclast'you'd use the following command:. The country tag of England is ENG.

That's all there is to this guide. You can find more commands on our console commands list.In Europa Universalis IIland attritionalso called supply attritionis attrition suffered by land units due to lack of supply.

EU4 Change_religion Command

As with all attrition, it is computed and applied at the first of the month. This article lays out how it is computed, so that you can learn to avoid it. Here's a brief description of how attrition works. See below. The total army size quantifies the crowdedness of the province. It is given in army unitsby summing the unit weights of the land forces of each country in the province.

Each country's forces are weighted. All armies of a particular country are summed into that country's force before weighing. If the total army size is greater the actual supply level for a particularly country, then supply attrition will be computed and applied; read on. Otherwise, no supply attrition applies, at least not to forces of the particular country. Because actual supply levels vary, it is often the case that attrition is applied to one force while another in the same province is not affected.

The maximum attrition level MAL for a country in a province is a cap to the amount of attrition that will be applied against forces of that country in that province.

That is, actual attrition is computed as: minimum MAL, maximum 0, armies - ASL When max attrition has been exceeded for a unit, the "attrition limit reached" bonus will appear in the tooltip.

This bonus is just the difference between the attrition level that would apply absent maximum attrition, and the MAL.

eu4 attrition cheat

Maximum attrition is computed using several factors: the country's tech level, the state of the province, and its terrain. Note that on the map, provinces depicted as desert in yellow are desert terrainnot desert climate. There is no way to see desert climate in the game. Attrition in a province is applied in two rounds, based upon which country controls the province.

After this is done, the attrition is recomputed using the new, lower total army size, and then applied to the group of countries with control of the province.

For each particular country, attrition is assigned to each army present individually. A special rule applies to armies that are purely artillery. They take only two-thirds of the attrition that they are assigned.

Attrition may remove a fraction of a ship, man, or cannon without resulting in the loss of that one quantity of military. For most purposes, military units have integral quantities; a military unit with a fractional quantity of some unit type rounds up to the next highest integer. Thus, an army with 9. The fractional losses of all military unit types can be repaired by splitting, merging, or reorganizing. For example, the unit of 9. All military units with absolute numbers less than can take advantage of the fractional loss rules to avoid small amounts of attrition including movement attrition.

In particular, it is very useful to extend the exploration range of ships, and useful to allow artillery movement without attrition as well as the constant movement of tiny armies.

[EU4] The Extremely Overpowered Tribe of Caddo

When an army takes zero attrition, it is just that: zero. You can see the table below for specific values. Sign In Don't have an account?By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only takes a minute to sign up. I have been playing this game of EU4 as Scotland for a long time now and have lost many ships to attrition, until I figured out what it was.

Earlier in the game I had trained up a massive army to attack England but I didn't want to die so I just invaded some nearby regions, which turned out to be very easy. But now I have an army with nothing to do with which I would hate to dissolve.

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When transporting my army over the atlantic they will all surely die of attrition. So my question is, is there any way of reducing naval attrition enough to transport 30 or more ships across the atlantic without too many losses? You can get a naval basing agreement with Norway, if they still own Iceland. This will allow you to dock in any of their territories for repair, and it also 'resets' the attrition.

Basing agreements can be a little pricey, but it sounds like you just want it long enough to transport your army over there and fight a war. If you have colonists, you can also look to colonize greenland, or at least newfoundland if they're not already owned by someone else. These should be the closest possible colonies so you can shorten the distance you have to sail. There are ideas that reduce naval attrition, such as in the Naval idea group iirc. Dip tech also reduces it - by the 17th century or so a Western nation should not have troubles in crossing the Atlantic, even without having way-stop colonies along the way.

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Staying in supply range halves the open-sea penalty, which can be extended via fleet-basing rights, protectorates, or colonies. If you anticipate battle, move your army before the war starts so that they don't need to be guarded enroute.

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Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to reduce sea attrition in Europa Universalis 4 Ask Question. Asked 4 years, 11 months ago.Quick links. Europa Universalis IV v1.

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Re: Europa Universalis IV v1. I was worried about the discontinuity, I mean the game is close to getting a new expansion. Should we follow this thread from now on for your new cheat tables?

It will allow you to alter much more than Recifense's script alone. Features - Enable console commands in ironman games - Extra pointers Instructions Download the original table from Recifense and open it in cheat engine. Then open my extension in the same Cheat Engine instance. It may ask you if you want to merge or keep the current list, say yes. Once you activate Recifense's script, the pointers should work.

You can then save the merged table as a whole if you want to use it again. If something doesn't work, please post it in this thread so I can fix it. Fix too hard to maintain, use command 'russian' instead. For now, use command 'russian' instead. Last edited by CompactDisc on Wed Aug 14, am, edited 69 times in total. It's wonderful to see the community persisting through this crap situation.

Keep it up, we all appreciate your hard work very much. Oh and thanks btw for this table, awesome as always! How to do "fow" cheat without using console?Europa Universalis IV lives in the inheritance of all the Europa Universalis games; resources, strategy, and wit. Since you will be looking for things like troops, weapons and all resources you will ever need to create a dominant empire, the powers of a game value editor like Cheat Engine comes into play here.

Instead of looking for independent cheats and trainers, you can use one of the following cheat tables to get total control over Europa Universalis IV. If you are a first-timer, you should consider going through our Cheat Engine introductory guide. There you will get the download link for the latest Cheat Engine and a quick guide on how to use cheat tables and cheat engine.

This cheat table has a whole lot of features for you to explore. Some of the most notable include:. Get it here. This is the ultimate cheat table compilation by a veteran Cheat Table compiler, Recifense. The cheat table gives you the GM and so much more and it is the basis upon which the other cheat table above was made.

The features on the list include:. Get It Here. The table comes without any hotkeys and it is up to you to configure them. Always remember to save a copy of your game before implementing the cheat table or any cheats just in case you need to recover your profile or in case your cheating and hacking goes out of hand.

Tags: Cheat Engine. Nelson Thorntorn August 22, Save Saved Removed 1.In Europa Universalis IInaval attrition is losses of ships from fleets, caused by lack of naval supply from being too long at sea without resupplying in a port. As with land attritionnaval attrition is also composed of movement attrition and supply attrition. You only get the higher of both. When the percentages of attrition are applied to the ships in a fleet, fractions of a ship are tracked and add up from month to month while at sea.

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When an integer is reached, that integer in number of ships is lost, and the leftover fraction is carried over to the next month. Galleys take the brunt of fleet attrition: you lose 5 times more of them than any other type of ship. If no galleys are present, expensive warships take that role.

eu4 attrition cheat

Do not mix a few warships with lots of transports and send them on long journeys; it is better to send them separated in two fleets. Be sure the departure date of both fleets is identical it is unwise to have defenseless transports in a sea zone by themselves for even one day. You can mix warships with a single transport since the transport will take some of the attrition off the warships.

Ships have their fractional attrition instantly repaired when they are split, reorganized, merged, or make port. Thus, whenever you have a fleet moving a significant distance, you'll want to split it and then immediately recombine the fleets, thus cancelling all fractional attrition. Passengers also suffer attrition equal to the attrition of the fleet carrying them. When fleets carrying passengers lose more carrying capacity than troops whether by attrition or combatthe excess troops are not lost, but the overcapacity is maintained until the troops are disembarked.

However, avoid reorganizing fleets that carry excess troops; unlike splitting and merging, fleet reorganization is very likely to result in troop loss.

The AI does not suffer from naval attrition. Otherwise computer countries would probably have no fleets, judging from how badly the AI suffers from land attrition. That explains why far away countries manage to bring troops to wars even early in the game. Movement attrition is nil when moving from any port, or when the fleet is in national waters. Movement attrition is also negated if a fleet is commanded by an explorer.

Movement attrition means more ships lost for big fleets. It makes sense to split your fleet for long journeys, although you should keep fleets to at least 6 ships to avoid the small fleet attrition penalty see below.

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But if the same set of ships was divided into 5 fleets of 10 ships each, it could move for up to 9 months without losing a ship. Naval supply attrition is computed very differently from troop supply attrition. It is computed based on the time that a fleet has been at sea, starting at the time the fleet last left a port. The effective time at sea is computed as actual time at sea, in monthstimes a factor called the "month multiplier".

That is. The month multiplier is based only on the country's naval technology ; see the table on the right.

eu4 attrition cheat

Naval supply attrition is nil so long as a fleet is in national watersbut the time at sea still increases normally. The attrition displayed for the fleet is one less than it should be and displays attrition for the previous month. The attrition level for the current month is likely to be higher. The supply-months counted are not actual monthsbut a factor times the actual months at sea.

For the purpose of computing supply attrition, the time at sea has several modifiers; it is cancelled at naval tech The obvious implication is that your first fleet trip way-point shift-click should be the port in your departure province.


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