Ioncube loader setup

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Ioncube loader setup

An automated Installer and Wizard are available to help with install, as well as manual instructions. Loaders are for 32 and 64 bit x86 based systems unless otherwise specified.

If you need Loaders for platforms not mentioned please contact us. Note that different distributions of Linux, e. It is recommended to install a Loader using help from the Loader Wizard.

The Wizard is a PHP script that when installed on a web server can give guidance specific to that machine, including which Loader file is required and what to add to the php. To use the Wizard: install the script into your web space launch the script in your browser The Wizard will give guidance on selection and installation of the correct Loader package. Loaders are available for many different platforms. Pick a Loader package based on your operating system and whether the PHP installation is 32 or 64 bit.

If you are unsure of the server platform e. The Wizard script should also detect this correctly if you use it. Linux Loaders also include support for vulnerability protection and PHP error reporting via the ionCube24 platform. Are you a hoster or package maintainer and would like API access to historical releases? Contact us and let us know. They can run files encoded with the version 10 PHP 7. However, they do not currently support IC These Loaders should not be used in a production environment.

However, we are not aware of any issues apart from some increased memory usage. Toggle navigation.

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Loaders for ionCube Secured Files. Subscribe for Loader Updates. Installing with the Loader Wizard recommended It is recommended to install a Loader using help from the Loader Wizard. Raspberry Pi2 armv7l 32 bits tar.

Recent Loader Changes These now run both 7. These beta loaders should not be used in a production environment. At present these only run 7.

Fix for an issue in the PHP 7. Fixes for PHP issuesand Fix for an incorrect call order with certain combinations of foreach, finally and exception in the PHP 7.Licensing is a very powerful feature which can be used to control a variety of things. These can vary from determining how your code will run, to if it will even be allowed to run at all for the user running it.

How to Install ionCube Loader (Step by Step Tutorial)

License files are useful when you wish to impose dynamic restrictions on your files. You can even determine which features a user will have access to by using properties. This is also very useful for getting around the need to encode your files each time a user purchases. Not only is it much, much faster to create a license than to re-encode files, but it means that you keep your unencoded files off of your production server.

This instantly makes your code much more secure, as potential hackers will only have access to encoded files, which cannot be modified or easily read. Once this has been done, the other options will become available. Then, specify a name for the license file that your encoded files will look for, and a passphrase for the license file in the text boxes.

You will now want to setup the default settings for your licenses. From here, you can set the default options for your licenses. Note that you do not create licenses from this window, that comes later. This can be set to either never expire, to be valid until a set amount of time after the license is generated, or to be valid up until a set date.

This can be used to quickly create license files for different servers. These can be used to make the encoded files act differently depending on checks implemented by the developers. The only thing you will need to do is to give the license file a default location and filename to save to.

Now that your license settings have been configured, you should save your project file and re-encode your PHP files to ensure they have the latest settings. Here, you should see the expiration date and custom properties you specified in the last dialog.

You can change the values of the properties here, but not the name or number of properties. You can also change when the license file will expire. You can match against domain names and IP addresses, and if you are using the Cerberus encoders, against MAC addresses. Once the license file has been created and the Encoded code has been deployed, the license file needs to be placed in a location where all the files requiring a license can find it.

Usually, the best place to put the license is in the root directory of the Encoded code folder or the root directory of the web server. Encoded files will automatically search in the folders above where they are located to find a valid license file. Note : The license file must have the same name as the file the encoded files are looking for, else it will not work.

Suppose we want to setup a subscription based model to use our code, and there are various levels of subscription that give access to different features. Instead of encoding different files for each subscription type, we can configure this all using licensing. This will allow us to then use the license file we create to determine which features are available.

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As we can see, we can avoid having to encode every single time someone purchases. We can also avoid having to encode any more times than necessary, and it is much quicker and much more flexible.

ioncube loader setup

We can actively change the way our program works based upon what license the user has, and we need only encode our project once. Skip to content Licensing is a very powerful feature which can be used to control a variety of things. What Is Licensing? Once you have done this, the following dialogue will be displayed: From here, you can set the default options for your licenses.This brief tutorial will teach you how to install and configure ionCube loaders on Microsoft Windows Server.

The evaluation copy of PHPKB knowledge base software has encoded source code and it requires ionCube loaders to be installed on the web server where it is to be tested. You can get the loaders from ionCube website. We strongly suggest to read the ionCube loaders installation guide. The purchased license of PHPKB software will come with full source code that is not encoded and that does not require installation of ionCube loaders.

Download the ionCube Loader for Microsoft Windows. You will need to choose either a "Non Thread-Safe" or a regular version of the ionCube loader. To check, open up a phpinfo file and look for:. Your choice of ionCube Loader will also depend on the compiler used to create the PHP installation on your web server.

Again, you can find which version this is in a phpinfo file. The compiler with either be VC 6 or VC 9. Click Next, Select "Installation Type" as "Install to this machine" to install the loaders on your local server.

Click Next, Specify an "Install Location". Click Next, review your installation parameters and click on "Install" button to start the installation. Once the installation process is completed, you will see the screen below.

Click on the "Finish" button to close this window. Very Important Step : After installation process is completed, copy the file "loader-wizard. This web page will analyze your web server and produce a tailored set of installation instructions as shown below.

Now, restart the web server and confirm if the installation is successful by accessing the phpinfo of the server. Did you find this article helpful? To check, open up a phpinfo file and look for: Your choice of ionCube Loader will also depend on the compiler used to create the PHP installation on your web server. The ionCube loaders are available only for bit Windows platform.

In order to install the ionCube Loader on bit Windows platform, you will need to configure IIS server to run bit applications. Why this article wasn't helpful? I didn't find my answer The answer was not clear enough Other. Provide your reason.

Post Comment.Get the latest tutorials on SysAdmin and open source topics. Write for DigitalOcean You get paid, we donate to tech non-profits. DigitalOcean Meetups Find and meet other developers in your city. Become an author. It is often required for PHP-based applications. In this tutorial, we will install ionCube on a Ubuntu It is important that the version of ionCube you choose matches your PHP version, so first, you need to know:.

Create a file called info. From that page, look at the header at the top where it says PHP Version. Then, look at the System line. Visit the ionCube download page and find the appropriate download link based on your OS. In our example, we need the this bit Linux version. Copy the tar. This creates a directory named ioncube which contains various files for various PHP versions. Choose the right folder for your PHP version. In our example, we need the file PHP version 7.

We will copy this file to the PHP extensions folder. We can do it in the main php.

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We can set this separate file to load before other extensions to avoid possible conflicts. The 00 at the beginning of the filename ensures this file will be loaded before other PHP configuration files.The ionCube loader is the library used to load ionCube encoded files on the server.

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It is required to installed on the webserver to decode any ionCube encoded files before running. The ionCube provides a feature to encrypt your PHP script to keep them secure. It also keeps them secure from unauthorized uses. First of all, download the latest ionCube loaders on your system from ioncube download page.

Alternativly, you can also use the following command to download ionCube loaders archive for 64 bit systems. You can change this location as suitable for you. Edit the php. To find php. Run php -m command on shell.

Install the PHP Extension (ionCube Loader) Required by Watch My Domains SED

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ioncube loader setup

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How to Install ioncube loader in CPanel

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Ok No.The ionCube Loader Installer is an application which attempts to install the ionCube Loader on a local or remote server.

The ionCube Loader is a component that needs to be installed on the server for the encoded files to run. If you need help using the Installer, please create a support ticket at support.

ioncube loader setup

Operations performed by the ionCube Loader Installer will modify the data on your server. It is recommended that you backup your data before proceeding. Also be prepered that you may be asked to restart your server during the installation. For the application to be able to connect to the server you need to provide server connection information.

Please provide connection details for a user who has permissions to write to the webroot directory and also to be able to modify the php. An example of properly filled in server connection information:. The ionCube Installer will inform about the installation progress and its result. You might be asked to restart the server few times during the installation. Toggle navigation.

Providing server connection details For the application to be able to connect to the server you need to provide server connection information. An example of properly filled in server connection information: During installation The ionCube Installer will inform about the installation progress and its result.It is free and you can install it quite easily. The following instructions assume that you are logged in as root. This is because this article is part of a tutorial for setting up a Ubuntu Server from scratch.

It may be possible to install ioncube into a normal user account. To do this, download the ionCube loader package, unzip into the public html folder at your web server. Then run the loader-wizard. Installing the ionCube loader simply involves adding a single line to the PHP configuration file to load the corresponding extension for ionCube. So this involves two steps Issue the following command and change to a convenient folder for unzipping the ionCube loader.

Issue the following three commands to download and unzip the ionCube loader. These commands assume that you are using a 64 bit OS. We need to find the right ionCube extension file to load. This depends on the PHP version.

Run the following command to find the version number of PHP on your server. We now know that the PHP version is 5. If the PHP version were 5. Issue the following commands to edit it. Press Ctrl-W and search for. This will take you to the part of php. Insert the following line there.

ioncube loader setup

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