Secret underground cities for the elite

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Secret underground cities for the elite

To the north of the settlement deep inside Antarctica, - where temperatures can dip to F C - there appears to be an airstrip and the whole area is covered with what seem to be vehicle tracks. According one researcher into the unexplained the nearest official scientific research station is Troll, a Norwegian research station located at Jutulsessen, miles north east of the structure near Princess Martha Coast in Norwegian-claimed Queen Maud Land.

Fellow paranormal investigator going by the name Florida Maquis — who claims to be a former agent in the US Military Intelligence Corps - discovered something even more bizarre by looking back at the same Antarctic area year-by-year. The installation — whatever it is — remains invisible until about when melting ice starts revealing the first indications of a buried site.

Antarctic mystery: What is this 2km structure buried in wastes of South Pole? Image: Google Earth. Alien structures: the 22 'tombstones' outside Antarctica settlement Image: Google Earth. Alien airport? A runway appears to run to the north of the bizarre structure Image: Google Earth. Aliens Conspiracy theories.Two huge underground cities were destroyed on August 23rd -- which may be seen by historians as the critical moment in which the war was won.

Derinkuyu, Cappadocia, Turkey. It is truly an underground city, with areas for sleeping, stables for livestock, wells, water tanks, pits for cooking, ventilation shafts, communal rooms, bathrooms, and tombs. The underground city "added 27 new fuel tanks ineach of which could hold 20, gallons," Graff writes. This area was very active in the s.

In the view of many ufologists and researchers, these mysterious entrances could be secret military underground facilities, extraterrestrial bases but even ordinary caves which formed over time due to the harsh weather conditions that rule over Antarctica.

Working Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe It has been vacant since that time. Marines rescued 2, children from underground bases and bunkers in California.

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The orchestrated nuclear war is aimed, according to Green, at reducing the world's population to million. Basically this Underground Base is 8 cities on top of each other!

The holding capacity of such leviathanic bases is huge. America's cities and scenery may be spectacular, but have you ever thought about what lies beneath? From labyrinthine caves, to hidden towns, a nuclear bunker and subterranean hot springs, we bring you some of the most awe-inspiring underground experiences in the USA. Doomsday Lairs! Loading Unsubscribe from Scottishsovereign?

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These city-sized bases can hold millions and millions of people, whether they are mind controlled, enslaved NWO World Army Soldiers or innocent and enslaved surface dwellers from the towns and cities of America and Canada.

Init opened as Dupont Down Under, a tenant project that largely consisted of a food court. NPOwhich operates the Continuity of Government Project COGan ongoing secret project to maintain command, control, communication and intelligence executive centers during an extreme National Emergency by operating clandestine, secure, underground cities staffed by surrogates for above ground national leaders.

In the event of a terrorist attack, nuclear strike, or other catastrophic occurrence, US government leaders congregate in top secret facilities, all of which are strong enough to withstand severe blasts and provide survival necessities for extended periods of time.

Raven Rock is believed to havesquare feet of office space now. New York City is the biggest city in the country, but it's got some dark secrets. He appears on a Youtube video, sitting on a couch, and says that earlier this month Navy Seals and U. The Rock of Gibraltar is tunneled out like Swiss cheese because of its strategic location.

On what many local residents call prime hunting grounds, Steven Huff has arranged for 7, square feet of luxury to be poured in concrete. Cappadocia city, located in central Turkey, is home to no less than 36 underground cities, and at a depth of approx. Most of the Metro was built by Stalin during the Cold War. Except this Lower East Side space is well below street-level.

Each If you limit it to man-made tunnels, I don't think there are any secret ones. It might be safe to say that subterrenes are the hottest tool going, underground. Some conspiracy theorists apparently think that this alternative is already reality.Genuine secret societies have existed for centuries, conducting their business in darkened back rooms and, more often than not, exerting a mysterious influence upon our culture.

Through history there have been many secret societies and conspiracy theories about those societies. From political organisations to college frats, these groups require their members to conceal their activities, and sometimes their identities, from the public.

Go behind closed doors as we examine the 10 most Elite secret societies in history. Ordo Templi Orientis is a mystic organization that was started in the early twentieth century.

The group was established along the same lines as the less secretive Freemasons, and supposedly relies on ritual and occult practices as a means for members to move from one level of prestige to another within the organization. After his death, the influence and popularity of Ordo Templi Orientis began to wane, but it still exists today and has various chapters scattered across the world, chiefly in the United States, the U.

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As such, the group makes much less of an attempt to be secretive today than it did in the past. No famous members, but attendees have included Ben Bernanke, the royal families of Spain and the Netherlands, World Bank officials, and representatives from major corporations The Bilderberg Group is not a secret society per se, but it does operate under a similar veil of mystery, which has made it the subject of countless conspiracy theories and criticisms. The group was started inand since then it has convened every year as an exclusive, invitation-only conference of various world leaders, captains of industry, and media moguls.

The group was originally started as a means of addressing a streak of anti-Americanism that was spreading through Europe following WWII, but over the years it appears to have morphed into a more broad discussion on reaching mutual understanding between cultures.

The Bilderberg Group has become controversial for one key reason: no press is allowed in the conference and no significant details concerning the topics discussed are ever officially released to the public. That kind of secrecy, along with the intense security of the meeting sites, which often feature armed guards, police, and even fighter jets patrolling the skies overhead, has produced a number of conspiracy theories centered on the conference.

Members of the Masonic Knights Templar do not claim a direct connection to the medieval group, but merely a borrowing of ideas and symbols. In order to become a member of this group, you must already be a Christian Master Mason.

This organization is a distinct one, and is not just a higher degree of Masonry. The order of the Golden Dawn was created by Dr. All three were Freemasons and members of Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia an organization with ties to Masonry. It is considered by many to be a forerunner of the Ordo Templi Orientis and a majority of modern Occult groups.

Billionaire Bunkers: Exclusive Look Inside the World's Largest Planned Doomsday Escape

William Yeats, and Aleister Crowly are two of the more famous members of the group. The fundamental documents of the order are known as the Cipher Documents. These were translated into English using a cipher attributed to Johannes Trithemius. The documents are a series of 60 folios containing magic rituals. The basic structure of many of these rituals appear to originate with Rosicrucianism. There is a great deal of controversy surrounding the origins of these documents.

The Black Hand was a secret society of anti-imperialist political revolutionaries that was started in Serbia in It formed as an offshoot from Narodna Adbrona, a group that sought to unite all of the Slavic people of Europe under one country.Vivos founder and CEO Robert Vicino announced Vivos Europa One which will be an invitation only, five star, underground survival complex, similar to an underground cruise ship for the elite.

Each family will be provided a private 2, square foot of floor area, capable of two story improvements for a total of 5, square feet of private living quarters. With fit and finish comparable to a mega-yacht, each member family will hire their own architect and contractor to build out their living quarters to the custom standard they desire. The expansive shelter is located in Germany and is one of the most fortified and massive underground survival shelters on Earth.

Originally built by the Soviets during the Cold War, this shelter was a fortress for military equipment and munitions. After the DDR was merged with Germany, the German government inherited this relic and intended to use it for the same purpose of weapons storage. However, due to a law prohibiting the storage of ammunition near a major highway, the German Government soon realized they could not continue with their plans and decided to auction this 76 acre complex.

A wealthy investor purchased the entire property, along with all of its improvements, both above and below ground. The hardened facility is capable of withstanding a substantial close range nuclear blast, a direct airplane crash, biological and chemical agents, shock waves, earthquakes, tsunami, electro-magnetic pulses, and virtually any armed attack.

The complex includes over 21, square meterssquare feet of secured, blast proof living areas; and, an additional 4, square meters 43, square feet of above-ground office and warehouse buildings, including a train servicing depot.

The typical chamber area is 5 meters wide Collectively there are over 5 kilometers 3. All shelter areas are located behind 3 separate nuclear blast and radiation proof vehicle entrances, and a number of other passages for access by people only.

Each of the three main tunnel entrances includes an outer security door system, followed by a 40 ton hydraulic truck access door with hardened steel rods which expand into the surrounding encasement, and a second set of massive steel doors providing an airtight seal shut, protecting against chemical, biological and gas intrusion. The underground main traffic corridors are large enough to allow mechanical transportation of heavy equipment to almost any point within the complex.

The structural rock provides for an extremely high load carrying capacity of the mountain above, as well as superior shock wave absorption, high thermal retention, stable temperature at an average 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and humidity control. All underground rooms are serviced by two fully customized climate and ventilation systems. The self-contained water and power generation system with three diesel generators, including redundant back-up systems, assures autonomous operation of the underground shelter without support from the outside world.

This vast limestone mountain contains a water treatment plant with deep water wells, a power plant, a hospital area, restaurant areas, air filtration and cooling systems, as well as a series of massive blast doors which a tank could drive over to enter. The above-ground facilities are equally as impressive, including several office buildings, barracks for a hundred, a power plant, fuel storage, railroad spurs complete with a train depot for repairs, guard buildings, and warehouses, all within an impenetrable perimeter wall, complete with military concertina coils.

Once the gates are locked, the only way in or out of the property is by helicopter. The original cost of the complex was estimated at over million Euros, with a replacement value of approximately 1 billion Euros. The shelter is currently in turnkey operational condition ready for the common area and private living quarters improvements to outfit the underground complex for a select number of families. Vivos will retrofit, equip, furnish, stock, supply and convert this complex into a state-of-the-art, contemporary complex.

Private improvements will include all of the typical amenities enjoyed by the floating counterparts, including pools, theaters, gyms, a kitchen, bar, bedrooms and deluxe bathrooms. Vivos will provide each living quarters with power lines, plumbing for water and sewage, HVAC systems, communications lines, security systems, internet and closed circuit systems.

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All common areas will be improved and outfitted by Vivos, including the roadways, restaurants, bakery, brewery pub, wine cellar, community meeting rooms, prayer rooms and chapels, nursery play rooms, classrooms, training rooms, computer areas, a television and radio station, the communications center, security and detention center, vaults for valuables, security equipment and devices, water purification facility, deep water wells, interior water and fuel storage tanks, power plant, air handling and NBC nuclear, biological and chemical filtration systems, battery backup power storage, mechanical repair shop, decontamination showers, private offices, pet kennels, a hair salon, theaters, the hydroponic gardens, a fully equipped hospital, storage rooms and warehouse areas, all food and medical supplies, a non-hybrid seed bank and the DNA storage bank.

Vivos will also provide the electric transportation vehicles and trams, armored security vehicles, helicopters, protective suits and apparatus for outdoor chemical, biological and radiation exposure, above-ground offices and warehouses, a security center, the rail spur and maintenance station, the above-ground power plant, above-ground gardens and open space, farming, fishing and hunting equipment, boats and rafts.

Once each member's private accommodations are completed, furnished and fully outfitted, their respective quarters will be locked and secured, limiting access to their families and staff prior to lockdown; while Vivos will operate and maintain all common areas under and above-ground pending a catastrophic event.

Members will arrive at their own discretion, prior to lockdown, landing their private planes at nearby airports.So they had to keep up with the weapons systems that were being developed.

The Deep State’s Deep Underground Military Bases

As the weapon systems were being developed to take out deep, underground military bases, the deeper they went, and the more sophisticated they became.

I guess the original type of nuclear explosions to blast out cavities that would vitrify a lot of the rock. A lot of it would collapse back in. They would go in and clean whatever out that they needed and then finish it off. And then a lot of times, they would just drill really deep holes, put in charges of high plastiques, things that detonate at well over 32, feet per second, that just turn the rock to dust, no matter how hard it is, and then they excavate it.

And, of course, you have the tunnel-boring machines. And then up in recent times, they have more recent, next-gen type of explosive devices, that when detonated, leave a lot more desirable, almost spherical hole in the rock, that also has almost no radiation. A lot of underground bases are built under Indian reservations. The Rock of Gibraltar is tunneled out like Swiss cheese because of its strategic location. The finished walls in those tubes resemble polished black glass.

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In addition to military bases, there are underground cities built exclusively for the elite and their families. They look like luxury malls or hotels in Dubai. They house full-running hospitals. According to Emery Smith, underground bases are owned by corporations or unknown entities. The military simply guards these facilities.

secret underground cities for the elite

Some bases are in such remote locations that they do not need guards present. They are guarded through satellites and other technologies.

Depending on where your entry point is and depending on the type of base it is, some of the most common ones, like the one I was stationed at with Kirtland Air Force Base, was basically a fire tower that you would never even think would be the access point.

You usually have to walk through many different posts.

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So first you have to get on the military base, number one. And these are private corporations that I spoke of that are running these things. Pete Peterson Ascension Mysteries …. They do stars at night.Originally posted by Voice of Reason.

FACT: there are hundreds of miles of subterranean tunnels and bases beneath north America. This body of evidence would stand up in a court of law. Walmart could well be gearing up to become a governmental Distribution Center in an emergency created or otherwise or in a martial law scenario. It also unsurprising to those who are paying attention that Walmart in this video is using local police to guard its perimeter — further proof that Walmart is joined at the hip with the Federal Government, and also evidence that Walmart is hiding something pretty big.

Check out just a few of the following shots:. During Hurricane Katrina, the DHS coordinated heavily with Walmart since they have the resources to distribute disaster relief supplies.

The 10 Most Elite Secret Societies In History

Now the government can track your moments without even telling you. No sense in avoiding the convenience of Walmart when they almost certainly have you anyway. It is to be noted that this project is under a great deal of scrutiny by those who live near the ongoing construction project.

The Walmart that will be going in on HWY is supposed to be the first in the series of staging areas. As new Walmarts are built, more staging areas will be added to each new store as well as to existing Walmarts.

We also own the patents on such technology. This should mean a lot of money will be flowing into the county over the next 50 years or so. The 2 Maps overlaid to shown points of commonality. Why do you think that Trillions of dollars are missing? Rock would have been the by product not dirt so much which would have been used in roads and construction.

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secret underground cities for the elite

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Search for: Search. Date: May 12, Author: lance goodall 17 Comments. These tunnels will also serve as conduits for national defense to rapidly move troops, supplies, and armor throughout the nation between strategic topographical locations. A map of the believed military and government installations affected and connected by this tunnel system:.

Paulding County, Georgia, is said to be the central location of the project. Yorkville, Georgia is to be a terminus of sorts for the hubs in:. Hope all this helps. These shows have given incredibly good information on the topic for the last several months, beginning in late It is believed to be large enough to house 60, persons, with a special air filtration system designed to withstand achemical or biological.

Enough food and water is believed to be stored at the site to sustain the entire underground population for months on end -hard [U. For these planners, the Cold never ended. Their top two candidates [i. They have also been constructing thousands of new underground shelters in major cities such as Moscow. Nearly 5, new emergency shelters will be built in Moscow by to save people in case of potential.

A fallout shelter is an enclosed space specially designed to protect occupants from radioactive debris or fallout resulting from a nuclear explosion. Many such shelters were constructed as civil defense measures during the Cold War. During a nuclear explosion, matter vaporized in the resulting fireball is exposed to neutrons from the explosion, absorbs them, and becomes radioactive. When this material condenses in the rain, it forms dust and light sandy materials that resembles ground pumice.

secret underground cities for the elite

The fallout emits alpha and beta particles, as well as gamma rays. Much of this highly radioactive material then falls to earth, subjecting anything within the line of sight to radiation, a significant hazard. A fallout shelter is designed to allow its occupants to minimize exposure to harmful fallout until radioactivity has decayed to a safer level.

Although many shelters still exist, some even being used as museums, virtually all fallout shelters have been decommissioned since the fall of the Soviet Union in In addition, the Russians have also been developing a new system that is designed to keep U.

If Obama does decide to send lethal aid to thethe Russians are going to flip out. We just continue to take even more steps along the road towardand it is a that the United States is completely and utterly unprepared for. Uncovers one of the biggest and most dangerous issues in recent history, a Rosetta Stone that will decode the deception taking place throughout our world. As Russians build gigantic underground bunkers, spanning square miles, the elite are planning their escape from America by purchasing airstrips, farms in places like New Zealand, and buying underground shelters in record numbers.

Get this emergency broadcast out to everyone you know before the time for action runs out. The ,square-foot bunker was commissioned in to house Congress in the event of nuclear holocaust. The facility, which was built feet into the hillside, was completed inand the Cold War government immediately stocked it with survival supplies. The bunker had three outdoor entrances and one secret entrance inside the resort — a ton blast door.


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